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Let me be perfectly clear about one thing:

These days, you couldn't pay me to see Aerosmith in concert. Steven Tyler is a complete embarrassment to himself, the band hasn't recorded a decent album since Pump (Get a Grip is half decent at best, and I'm being slightly generous there), and I recently realized that Diane Warren and Desmond Child are responsible for writing or co-writing a downright shocking number of their hits over the years.

But back in 1990, this was the event of the summer.

This was the last show of the Pump tour. I remember that they opened with "Train Kept a Rollin." Back Crowes were the opening act...making this the first in a surprisingly large number of Crowes shows I saw.

I went with a great big group, including my two best friends, a girl I had a crush on, and (according to my notes) some guy named Steve. No idea who Steve was....

98 Rock did a promotion where the person with the most creative 98 Rock promo sign or banner could get backstage after the show. Overcome with enthusiasm at the possibility of drinking mineral water with Brad Whitford (um, not really), my best friend, Fran the Man, and I made a giant banner. We did this on his parents' king sized bed sheet.

It took a lot of effort. By the time I had arrived at his house, Fran the Man had painstakingly sketched the groovy Aerosmith logo and the doofy cartoon eagle that was the emblem of that tour, on the bed sheet with a pencil. Underneath read, "98 ROCK - The Other Side of Rock" (as "The Other Side" was the single Aerosmith had out by this point in the summer). All that was left was to color it all in.

We brilliantly decided to do this particular part of the job in his back yard, on a picnic table, with a few cans of spray paint. Not surprisingly, the spray paint soaked through the bed sheet and stained a giant 98 ROCK on Mr. and Mrs. The Man's personal property.

Holy week is the 18 year anniversary of that show.



Oh, yes, yes....We were not invited backstage.

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