Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's Like...It's Just...I Got Kinda Distracted

This blog....right. There's a LOT going on these days, so I guess I've been away for a while.

Truth be told, I had at least two solid posts in draft form these past several weeks. And I worked and worked on them until I decided to give up. This is, like, a metaphor for something about my life or something, but...ah fuck it.

As I try to get over myself, here's a random thought and a new discovery for this weekend:

The Decemberists are one of those bands that is just too easy to hate for ALL of the wrong reasons. 

  • Yes, they're incredibly popular with elitist aging hipsters. Unfortunately, that won't cut it.
  • Yes, they have despicable fashion sense. But then again, that still hasn't led me to renounce Dokken.
  • And, yes, I've hated "The Rake's Song" since the very first time I heard it. But it has also been so long since I've heard it last that I couldn't even remember the title of the song, which album it was on, or even what in year it came out. (Plus, my research verified that "This is Why We Fight" is, in fact, still an excellent track).

The point is, I've needed to give the Decemberists a fair shake for a long time. I simply haven't felt like it.

THIS has changed my mind.

There are about a dozen songs on here that I have always really, REALLY loved.  And two or three that I kind of sort of thought that I was alone in loving.

Damn. I love/hate realizing that I'm wrong.