Monday, October 13, 2008

georgetown vs. villanova

georgetown vs. villanova
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No arena rock here. And no bad taste - at least not on my part. For this particular evening, I left that up to Billy Packer.

If you grew up in Washington in the 1980's, it was all about Georgetown. They had Patrick Ewing. They had John Thompson. And they were a Jesuit school. I liked everything about Georgetown.


Fuck Maryland.

Sure, they had the mighty Len Bias....but we all know how that tragedy unfolded.

They also had Lefty Driesell, who my dad informed me at a young age was a crook.

And they got themselves sanctioned my the NCAA while I was in high school.

And their students burn shit when they win games.

THEN they burn shit when they LOSE games.

And Maryland is part of the ACC - the veritable epitome of BAD TASTE. To this day I can't really bring myself to root for Maryland, and I find myself rooting against Carolina and Duke any opportunity that I can, too.

Seriously, the ACC can blow me.

Anyway, about this game. I went with Fran the Man and a whole bunch of his buddies who went to Villanova with him, as well as a sinister individual known only as Drunk Tim, who brought along a few members of his crew of fuck-ups from South Jersey.

The plan was for everyone to meet up at Fran's parents' (Mr. And Mrs. The Man's) house, grab some lunch, play some hoops, then proceed to the game. Somehow this didn't quite happen. I forget what exactly went wrong, but somehow Drunk Tim didn't make it down to Maryland on time (shocker), so we left without him.

And somehow, Drunk Tim misunderstood how he was supposed to claim his ticket (again - shocker), so he and his white trash friends had to enjoy the game from some run down sports bar (Drunk Tim in a bar -- great big fat shocker) in Landover -- a run down town in and of itself, while the rest of us got to see Villanova get hammered by Alan Iverson in his one college season.

But who really had the richer experience? Because we were in the stands, it was hours later before any of us in attendance learned about the historic "tough monkey" comment.

Drunk Tim? He, and his friends -- all of whom were terrified of black people in that way that seems to be central to the New Jersey existence -- got to hear it in real time, surrounded my a bunch of Landover residents, few (if any) of whom, were Caucasian.

Hahaha - Drunk Tim is stupid.


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