Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Masquerade - the Preview

So, I installed statcounter a few weeks ago, and I have to admit that it’s been a blast to watch the flow of traffic. It’s been particularly gratifying to see that the blog has seen visitors coming from everywhere from Italy to Ireland to Germany and back to Brooklyn (…heh, just like the 19th century).

It’s also been a little frustrating to realize that the vast majority of my traffic seems to have arrived NOT from my totally awesome content and the legions of fans I’ve earned across the Internets, but instead via the goofy-ass images I’ve been linking to.

I don’t exactly understand how this works, but that doesn’t stop it from being a great big kick in the nuts. Especially because the most popular page on this site (by a frustratingly large margin) is all being directed by a particularly ugly photograph of Angela Bowie, which is linked from an unimpressive post about seeing David Bowie perform in Hershey, PA.

Well, kids, that’s all about to change. Because we all know that there’s only one thing that actually drives any real traffic on the Web:


Stay posted….


about me said...

Tom - You should look at Google Analytics ... totally free and way better than statcounter.

t-o-n said...

Cool - I'm trying that, though I'm not totally sure if the codes will interfere with one another. I guess we'll see.