Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The 2012 Halloween Playlist

We don't get a whole lot of Web hits around here, but for some reason, Halloween always sends me a few strays.  So, in continuation of this tradition (as well as the more recent tradition of link-dumping to YouTube), here's this year's playlist of songs that make me scared enough to poop my pants.

Led Zeppelin - No Quarter

What is this song about?  Hobbits or some shit, I guess.

Why is it scary?  Because of the coke-fueled vignette from The Song Remains the Same.  And because of everything else about it.

Summer Breeze - Type O Negative

What is this song about? A hippie coming home to the wife after a long day at work, or a psychopath stalking your house?  Fine line, really.... 

Why is it scary?  Because covering hippies is justice: beneath the facade of free love, an awful lot of hippies were evil, misogynistic sociopaths.  Plus: you know, the tritone.

 Billion Dollar Babies -- Alice Cooper


What is this song about? Awesome drums, playing with dolls, and....killing children?  

Why is it scary?  Because someone let this guy on the Muppet Show, whereupon he made a joke about being in the service of Satan.

Hamburger Lady - Throbbing Grizzle

What is this song about? I'll put it to you this way: I wish I'd never looked up the lyrics.

Why is is scary? It's a fucking nightmare. Plus, that's a dude singing.

God of Emptiness - Morbid Angel

What is this song about? Satan, Christianity, etc.

Why is is scary? It is still the single most frightening music video I have ever seen.

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