Wednesday, October 24, 2012

To Fight the Horde, Singing and Crying

Ok, since I totally bummed myself out yesterday with that footage of Axl Rose having an ischemic stroke/choking on an jalapeno popper during the Bridge School Benefit Concert, here's something a little more inspiring. 

This is Enslaved beating the hell out of "Immigrant Song." To take nothing away from Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham, I suspect that this might hit a little closer to what it actually sounds like when a bunch of 6'6" Vikings show up on your shores for your land and your women. 

(If it doesn't do anything for you, jump to the 2:00 mark, where things get a little ROCK).

And, yes, I nabbed this off of Metal Sucks, just like I did yesterday. And, no, I'm not trying very hard these days. 

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