Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Christmas Take-Over: More Awkward Brits

Holy crap. Where to even start with this one?

Quick history lesson. Mud was a kind of big band in the UK. Not huge, but big in their day. They had two massive hits in the early 70's, one of which is included below. And the guitar player went to see notable success as a producer/songwriter of some tracks that were pretty big hits in the UK.

So, you know: respect.

All that having been said, get a load of these guys.

First, you've got this Benny-Hill-as-Elvis-Presley vocalist.

Then you've got Fraggle Rock on guitar.

Over there you have the drummer. (I'm assuming this. He could be anyone). 

And finally, you have the sullen bass player, seemingly only too aware that there's no prize for being the cute one in the world's most awkward-looking glam band.

The irony is, I like this song better than most of what's on the Elvis Christmas Album.

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