Sunday, July 27, 2008

David Lee Roth with Cinderella and Extreme

Last concert before I went off to college.

That's the age when the smart kids were seeing Jane's Addiction, here I was with a ticket indicating that I paid to see those fucking "More Than Words" guys.

These were actually good seats (third row or something...not that my photography skills on display in this post would prove as much), but the concert was one of the lamest affairs I've ever witnessed.

DLR was officially washed up, and gave a painfully forced show biz performance. He also touched almost nothing from the album his was touring in support of, which should give you some indication of how weak the "Little Ain't Enough" album was. Mostly "Crazy from the Heat" and Van Halen material.

Cinderella wasn't bad at all. They were touring off of "Heartbreak Station", and seemed at a totally new level for songcraft. I caught Eric Brittingham's bass pick at the end of the show, but I lost it years ago.

We missed Extreme, because my friend was dating a college girl who wanted to stop and get something to eat on the way to the show.

I got over it. (Missing Extreme, that is; I'm still kind of jealous that he lost his virginity to a college girl).

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