Thursday, July 24, 2008

living colour

living colour
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My older brother and his college friends took me to this show. I can't honestly say that I remember much about it. It was my second or third concert ever and I was just happy to be out with the big kids.

I do recall that some poor kid got pulled into a mosh pit without his consent during "Times Up" and the guy literally fought his way out of it. My notes also say that they covered Traci Chapman's "Revolution" during this show.

The other lasting gift from this concert came in the form of a heckle directed towards the lead singer of the opening band. The band was not particularly good, and the singer was trying to buy a little time on stage by making jokes about their equipment problems. This prompted a large (and somewhat inebriated) man in front of me to shout out, "YOU CAN'T SING AND YOU'RE NOT FUNNY!"

It has proven to be a keeper over the years.

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