Saturday, July 19, 2008

joe satriani

joe satriani
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Jesus, I can't believe I was as excited as I was to see this concert. I think this was my second concert ever, and I went with two total guitar geeks. Because, you know, that's who you go to see Joe Satriani with...

We were three suburban teenagers, and none of us had a lot of experience driving in the city, so we ended up asking a jogger for directions to Constitution Hall

Bad call.  The bastard sent us the wrong way down a one way street.

Honestly, the concert was kind of a mess....lots of solos that were (literally) painfully loud, lots of guitar geeks who had traveled a long way to see this show. This was the first tour (I think) when Joe was singing, and my notes say that they performed "Hey Joe" , but I don't remember that, to be honest. I do remember a bass solo and a drum solo that were a little on the indulgent side. (Sorry, Stu Hamm).

On a lark, I looked up Stevie Salas and it looks like he's still working with old rock stars....bully for him.

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