Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tin machine

tin machine
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A poor man's Pixies. (Or, more to the point, a very, very, very, wealthy British man's Pixies).

This was on the Tin Machine II tour. Not Bowie's finest moment, but certainly not his worst, either. All in all, a confident performance of all new material (and a cover or two).

After the show, my longtime concert buddy, Fran the Man, wasn't looking where he was going an got yelled at by a cop for completely knocking over the police barricade that was closing off the street where the band would exit the theater. Because I'm a totally awesome friend, I just kept trucking down the street as though I didn't know who he was.

We saw the band leave that night -- Bowie pressed his face against the van window and waved to everyone. We jumped up and down and waved and giggled like little girls.

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