Saturday, July 26, 2008

zz top

zz top
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Man, we had lousy seats for this show (top row -- my head touched the ceiling of the Cap fact, when my friend Dave and I bought the tickets at the Hechts in Montgomery Mall, the guy looked at us and said "ZZ Top? Boys, where you been?").

Still, it was killer. They played all the classics ("Blue Jean Blues", "La Grange", "Tube Snake Boogie") as well as some really strong material off of Recycler ("My Head's In Mississippi"), and they even had a laser light show, conveyor belts on the stage, and go go dancers during "Legs."

What more could you want at seventeen years old?

I almost missed this concert because Dave, who was also my ride throughout the calendar years of 1990 and 1991, got grounded the day before the show. (I secretly think it was less about Dave's grades and more because Dave's parents thought I was a total fuck up who would sidetrack their son's odds at getting into UVA. By the way: fuck you, Dave's mom.)

Black Crowes opened, but were booted from the tour a few dates later for consistently mocking the corporate sponsorship by Miller Lite from the stage.

I took my little brother as a Christmas gift. It almost makes up for being a total asshole to him throughout the rest of high school.

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