Friday, August 1, 2008

black crowes

black crowes
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Another fun night with Fran and this Greek kid Andy, who also had accompanied us to see Guns'N Roses that summer.

This was on the "Southern Harmony & Musical Companion" Tour, which I can't help to think of as the band's peak. (A handfull of mp3's I stole off the Internets, however, indicate that the Crowes never stopped doing awesome live performances and sick covers on tour).

Opened with "No Speak No Slave" -- and it killed.

There was actually a small amount of controversy surrounding this show, as Chris Robinson got into an argument with a security guard, resulting in his allegedly kicking the guard in the head from the stage. Assault charges were subsequent filed. (Anyone who remembers how sickly and thin the Robinson brothers were in those days can appreciate the ridiculousness of these charges).

Chris Robinson may have also been threatened with charges for inciting a riot, as he repeatedly urged the people from upstairs to rush the stage. This is a big no-no in the ultra-posh Constitution Hall. (As was standing on the theatre chairs and doing the white-man dance during "Hard to Handle", for which Fran the Man received a stern warning from a DAR usher).

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