Monday, August 4, 2008

Washington Bullets vs Atlanta Hawks

Is it an admission of bad taste to say that you're a Bullets fan?

I'm not talking about the Wizards, with their awesome downtown stadium that basically revived everything east of Metro Center

I'm not talking about that team that boasts a handful of playoff wins and the league's wackiest player

I'm not talking about the team with which that The Greatest capped (crapped?) the end of his playing days.

I'm talking about the Bullets. The team that played in Landover, Maryland. The team that deducted laundry fees from their players' paychecks. The team who's owner was so cheap that he forced the team to stay at his brother's lousy motel every time the team came through Seattle, and who also managed to LOSE their franchise player for a day.

In the era of Magic, Jordan, Bird, Nique, Ewing and Barkley (to say nothing of Olajuwon, Rodman, Worthy and far too many others to name), choosing the Wizards as your team  might better indicate immense loyalty rather than bad taste.

But either way, it certainly indicates bad judgment.

I remember nothing about this game, which is really sad. How on earth does one not remember seeing Dominique Wilkins play????? 

I think I went to this game with my friend Meghan.

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