Sunday, August 17, 2008

stones at the vet

stones at the vet
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At some point I'll have to explain myself for continuing to see the Stones over and over and over again. To a great many music snobs, this is simply unconscionable in the face of their rising ticket prices and declining studio output.

What can I say? They're my favorite band. And they've built an increasingly robust set list over the past several tours, eschewing the "by the book greatest hits" song selection that bands with half as much material prefer to do.

Second show of this tour for me. Not as stellar as the first, but at the very least they got rid of some of the cornier theatrics from opening night in D.C. (like the inexplicable guy in stilts that came onstage during "Monkey Man"... Yikes).

Opened the show with Not Fade Away. Awesome, awesome seats on the floor/field, maybe 15 rows back. Most of the set list was the same as the first night, but they did a different cover instead of "Can''t Get Next to You" and the swapped out "Memory Motel" with "Wild Horses."

No idea who opened for them.

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