Thursday, August 7, 2008

stones - opening night voodoo

This was he opening night of the Voodoo Lounge tour. I think Counting Crows opened, but I'm not positive on that one. I know we missed them, whoever they were. And the fact that this didn't bother me tells me that I was finally starting to grow up musically.

This was a pretty great show, but my strongest memory was what a jackass I was being that night. Even though we were seated somewhere in the 400 level, it was somehow very important to me that I stood up throughout the show.

That was rude. And I am 6'3", which means it was also cluelessly rude.

People yelled at me, and I deserved it. Still, I don't really "get" paying $40 to sit down all night. (It wasn't long after this that I stopped going to stadium shows).

It was honestly a pretty exciting show. They opened this tour with a heavy, plodding version of "Not Fade Away" odd choice, considering the frantic, nearly punkabilly interpretation they gave when they originally recorded it.

Highlights included "Money Man," which I'd never known them to play live), and "Shattered," which was great, except the rhythm section sort of fell apart during the bridge - something painfully evident in a bootleg of the concert I stumbled upon a few years later....

And then there was "Memory Motel," which was one of the single best performances of all the Stones shows I've ever seen. Jagger played piano, and the jumbotron shot him in a back and white split screen; half the screen was tight on his face, and the other half was grainy stock footage of run-down beach towns. It sounds corny, but it worked. (Fuck you. I liked it).

Lowlights were the cover of "Can't Get Next to You" and a painful extended version of "Hot Stuff".  I love that band but some days they can't tell the shit from the peppercorns...

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