Sunday, August 3, 2008


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It's hard not to like KISS. 

In fact, it's hard for me not to love KISS. I spent my mid-teen years bouncing around my bedroom listening to "KISS Alive," and one of the very first things I did once I had an iTunes account was to make sure I had a digital version of "Strutter."

But the unfortunate reality is that it's also nearly impossible not to loathe KISS. The band's output through the 80's is awful; in fact, were there such a thing as art crimes against humanity, Paul Stanley would certainly be at the Hague at this very instant for crafting the lyrics to "Let's Put the X in Sex."

And then there's Gene Simmons, and all of his contempt for his fans and their hard earned money.

And I suppose that's where my little ticket stub comes in.

My college roommate of three years was a huge KISS nerd. Totally obsessive, completely apologetic for the band, and boundless (infectious, in fact) in his enthusiasm in seeing the tour behind the completely terrible "Revenge" album.

I have no excuse. He totally convinced me to go to this. 

I think this was the last (or one of the last) KISS tours before they put the makeup back on.

It was not a memorable show by any stretch. Gene looked as though his thighs and ass had been coated in Crisco to get him in the XXXL leather pants, but that didn't stop him from attempting a handful of clumsy dropkicks that made Elvis look like Mr. Miagi.

I missed the first half of this concert because I had to do a gig with the college jazz band earlier that evening. Not only did I miss "Parasite", but I think that I also missed Faster Pussycat opening up for them.

I never thought I'd find myself regretting missing Faster Pussycat, but weird things happen as you get older...

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